Social Media Monitoring

CAPCom AG Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring (also known as Weblogscreening) describes the systematic research on opinions concerning a brand, a company or a person in blogs, newsgroups, social networks and other areas of the internet.


  • Do you know what people think about your company in the internet?
  • Do you know the opinions about your products?
  • Do you want to identifiy and react to arising tendencies?

 The amount of persons giving an opinion on the internet is increasing rapidly — and this applies not only to the young technophile persons anymore. The opinions come from all groups of the society. Therefore, the opinions in bulletin boards and blogs represent the public attitude and may have a significant influence. They can influence purchase decisions, react positively or negatively on the image of persons, brands, institutions or companies, and also carried on by word of mouth or in offline media.

For this reason, it is important to identify these tendencies betimes in order to react to it. In this process, the CAPCom social media monitoring assists you: Bulletin boards, blogs, newsgroups and further relevant areas of the internet are searched for critical contents. The results are provided in form of a clearly arranged report on the password protected online platform «CASPla».

How can I profit from the CAPCom social media monitoring?

With the CAPcom social media monitoring you come to know at any time, what the blogosphere thinks about you and your company. Not only sentiments and tendencies are identified betimes. Potential conflicts and crisis situations can be avoided as well. Therefore, CASPla supports the corporate communications and the issue management of your company. Furthermore, it simplifies the topic selection for the corporate communications and provides precious feedback without expensive and cost-intensive surveys.


Benefits of CAPCom social media monitoring

CAPCom AG has a long-time experience in weblog screening. Our employees know the appropriate sources and know how to find the relevant results in the information overload. They are able to evaluate web pages that are not accessible for search robots. They make a selection of the significant contents and estimate and evaluate the status quo.

In case of a crisis, a fast reaction is indispensable. With CAPCom social media monitoring, you are up-to-date at any time and thus, you can react to negative sentiments, before a disaster is inevitable.


The social media monitoring is customized to meet your individual needs. Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you!