Online Marketing Optimization

We optimize your web presence – for an effective online marketing!

Do you already have a website or an online shop, and you are unsure whether it pays off? Or do you want to enter the e-business? We support you in making the most of your online marketing budget! Our complete service package covers everything you need to carry on an effective online marketing: a comprehensive web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM). The service will be adjusted depending on your individual needs.


Comprehensive and professional web analytics

By means of our web analytics tools, we  continuously analyze your web sites. Amongst other things, we analyze, with which keywords you can be found by your customers (and with which keywords you can't), which areas of your website are viewed by your visitors (and which aren't), or at which point your visitors leave your website. Out of this, we deduce recommendations and we implement the neccessary steps for optimizing your website - depending on your needs, this may vary from several keyword adjustments to a complete website relaunch.

Professional usability and search engine optimization for your webseite

We optimize your website so that it can be found by search engines. However, we never forget the user: It's not the number of visitors that counts, but the user actions; your website only serves its purpose, if your users do what you want them to do on your website (e.g. buy your product). Therefore, our usability experts analyze your website. By means of minor and major optimizations, we can ensure that more customers can find your website and you can solicit sales.


Always up-to-date with our social media monitoring

However, our service doesn't stop here. Social media are more and more important in the marketing mix. In order to make your social media presence a raving success, we optimize your social media activities and we analyze your image in the social web. This includes a comprehensive social media monitoring; in this context, we continuously monitor the web for critical opinions about your company.


Monthly report

You will regularly receive a concise report which summarizes all the relevant developments: your search engine ranking, your visitor and sales statistics, your customers' opinion about your products and much more.