Mobile Applications

The mobile use of the internet has become part of everyday life; it is time to use it for your business! 20 million Germans, aged 16 years or older, use their mobile phone to access the internet. Two-thirds of them use it daily, the number is growing rapidly. (Source Trendstudie "Mobile-Internet-Nutzung in Deutschland" ). Also the tablet computer market evolves step by step towards a mass market. By 2016 there will be more tablets than notebooks (Source NPD Group: Display Search).


Open up this rapidly growing market potential for your business. Or at least evaluate the significance of this trend for you. We can help you benefit from it. In practice this means that we accompany you

  • from the resolution of strategic issues (objective, target group, which problem is being addressed etc.)
  • through the development to the technical implementation (mobile website, responsive design, app development) and
  • during the integration into your business processes.

Two mobile application developments by CAPCom

The native App „TeeZeit“ and the WebApp „Mobile Address book“ are two examples of mobile applications developed by CAPCom.


CAPCom developed a mobile address book that enables office employees and field workers to gain access to the corporate address book anytime and anywhere via their mobile phone. There is no need to store the contact data on the mobile phone. CAPCom recommended the realisation as a WebApp and HTTP reverse proxy component. The application can easily be accessed via a mobile portal from within the corporate intranet.


The App „TeeZeit“ allows tea drinkers to make their tea with the correct water temperature, amount of tea and brew time dependent upon the specific type of tea and upon their personal taste preference. These preferences are stored in the app and the user can immediately start the tee timer with the correct settings.