Exhibits / 3D Visualisation

We create interactive exhibits and 3D visualizations

Are you interested in communicating your complex product, your innovative work flow, your invisible expertise in an informative, fascinating and understandable manner? Only when your customer understands you, he will contemplate a purchase.

You need an approval for a construction or a decision for a production process? Convince the decision makers by means of an exciting computer simulation. Let them walk through a three-dimensional model. You speed up decision-making processes and save both time and money.

You search for an entertaining knowledge transfer for further education or just to pass the time. Let your visitors or employees playfully dive into a new matter!

The exhibits and three-dimensional visualizations of the CAPCom make the complex tangible and the unseen visible.

We implement interactive three-dimensional city models, three-dimensional architecture visualizations and three-dimensional animations for product presentations, for plant construction or for the demonstration of your processes, systems or history. You get all from one hand (storyboard, conception, implementation, maintenance). If required, we can also provide a customized presentation appliance (e.g. PanoScreen).

Explore the future Frankfurt airport in the year 2015, fly into a liquid crystal display, visit a historical building or walk through an exhibition hall before it is built. These are typical subjects of interactive exhibits and three-dimensional visualizations.

The fields of application are versatile:

  • Visitor Center: permanent exhibition
  • Office, Foyer: permanent presentation in support of sales talks
  • Temporary exhibition, presentation: Road Show with mobile exhibits

If you have an idea and want to present something in an appealing and vivid manner, call us!