Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on the web

Today, product and service providers have a strong presence not only through their own advertising and press releases. More and more customers use the manifold opportunities of web 2.0 to share their enthusiasm or disappointment with acquired products. Those customer reviews on blogs, social networks or special product review sites are highly sales relevant. A product with many negative reviews will sell badly. It is important for companies to know these reviews in order to react adequately.

CAPCom Weblogscreening helps you discover customer reviews

CAPCom AG provides a customized weblogscreening in order to give an overview of current customer reviews and to identify trends in time. Weblogscreening (also known as social media monitoring, blog monitoring or internet monitoring) describes the systematic research on opinions concerning a brand, a company or a person in blogs, newsgroups, social networks and other areas of the internet. CAPCom AG goes one step further: The located text passages are not only recorded and archived, but also analysed and presented in a clearly arranged report.