e-mail installation / registration / server names

The registration to our systems is carried out for all services with your access data that is built-on as follows: 
Password:Your Password

The user name may not contain mutated vowels; these will be transformed (ä -> ae, ü -> ss, etc.).

Via Webmail, you can change your password, set or delete vacation notices or set transmissions.

The sending of e-mails requires SMTP-AUTH; you have to enter your access data to your e-mail client there. This allows you to send e-mails via CAPCom AG e-mail server, even though you go online with a different provider.


Your contact person

Root Certificate

In case you use services of the CAPCom AG that are encoded by SSL/TLS (e.g. Webmail), you should install the CAPCom AG root certificate in your browser and/or e-mail client. Thereby, all CAPCom AG certificates will be accepted, and thus, annoying alarms concerning the certificates are avoided.

Also root certificates are not valid unlimitedly. The follower is issued before the CAPCom AG root certificate runs out. In this transit time, both certificates are provided for download. Please install both in order to guarantee a smooth use of our TLS-secured services.


Furthermore, you can download the certificate revocation list – the list of cancelled server certificates that you should not trust anymore. This list is only updated when certificates are actually cancelled – therefore it can be relatively old and nevertheless up-to-date.




SHA1: DE:A3:A5:4E:93:E6:0E:14:BC:7D:6C:FC:D1:FE:5C:78:8B:27:F6:C5


SHA-256: B2:7B:D9:72:98:3A:9F:73:93:8B:BA:1C:7B:3C:A9:44: