Virtual Teamplay

Virtual Teamplay is an interactive group game for fairs and events.

The purpose of this application is advertising a product or giving groups of people an understanding of a topic.

Therefore, the playful aspect is coupled with teamwork and motion.

Such a common experience burns into the memory much more than a normal visit at a booth.


  • 8 - 10 players
  • More than 20 m² of rink
  • A net must be built in teamwork through motion

The Game:

The players build a net, which displays processes they are normally not conscious of:

  • How does the electricity get into the electric car?
  • How does the electric circuit work?
  • How does the game get into the paddle?


The moderator presents the solution and explains the content and the construction of the net. Every player gets to know his token and becomes familiar with the unique control. The players build the net and its connections by positioning on the rink.

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