The PanoScreen is an unique interactive all-purpose panorama screen. It can be used to effectively present a variety of themes.

The PanoScreen and its new presentation technology allows you to impress and convince your customers during sales talks and achieve a sustainability and experience that has not yet been possible with conventional technologies.

Advantages to common presentation devices

The use of the PanoScreen is easy and user-friendly. You move playfully and intuitively through a scenario.

Therefore, the screen can be turned 360 degrees horizontally without a catch; vertically it can be tilted over in real-time.

Examples of interactive presentations

  • Objects and products
  • Complex of buildings
  • Constructions in the planning stage
  • Production processes


Here, possible key aspects could be

  • Interior full of atmosphere (hotel branch)
  • Scenarios as realistic as possible (urbanistic projects)
  • Informative character (visitor centers in companies)
  • Tangible structures (navigation in building complexes of the future, past and present)
PanoScreen 3D-Visualisierung