The 3D-Explorer is a transportable device with a touchscreen and a an autostereoscopic screen for the display of three-dimensional scenes. There is no need for special glasses to view the three-dimensional scenes. This allows an easy use of the 3D-Explorer at fairs or events.

The user manipulates the three-dimensional scene playfully with the touchscreen. He can explore the scene or the product stepwise autonomous. The three-dimensional impression communicates a sustainable experience. By means of the built-in speakers, further information can be communicated to support the visual display.

The 3D-Explorer is transported folded in a box. Arranging and Starting is easy and possible everywhere as long as a power point is available.

Service Offer:

We build an individualised 3D-Explorer, which conforms to your product or intended use. We develop the concept and generate the control and the contents of the touchscreen and the three-dimensional scene according to your requirements.

Fields of application:

  • Presentation of complex production processes and products
  • Support of sales talks
  • cultivation of your image
  • Virtual tours in historical buildings