3D exhibit to present products for Merck KGaA

For the globally operating Pharma & Chemical Company Merck, CAPCom AG developed an interactive exhibit for fairs, exhibitions and events. The 3D Display Explorer explains playfully the functionality of liquid crystals in a LCD.


The 3D Display Explorer comprehensibly illustrates the abstract and complex process that is going on inside a LCD - also for non-professionals. The 3D Display Explorer's innovative presentation technology enables the user to virtually fly into a LCD and to control the movement of the liquid crystals and thus the displayed colour. The autostereoscopical display offers a realistic three-dimensional visualisation of the processes, without need for 3D glasses.

The user controls the scenery via an intuitive touch screen. This interactive representation enables the user to understand the basic principle of a LCD without any previous knowledge.


By now, CAPCom manufactures the 3D Explorer in the third generation, of which there are 10 copies all over the world. The second and the third generation contained extensions with regards to content, so that the application area could be expanded. 

  • Conception
  • Construction of the Presentation Device
  • Construction of the 3D Visualizations
  • Maintenance and Update Support for Software and Hardware
  • Modification to a ECO Version
LC-Explorer, 3D-Visualisierung
LC-Explorer Display
LC-Explorer Touchscreen
LC-Explorer Transport

Exhibit (ZVEI) How does the 3D film get in the cinema?

The interactive game is specially enhanced by CAPCom AG for the ZVEI booth on the Hanover fair. "How does the 3D film get in the cinema?" is an exciting virtual reality game, which is aimed at attracting young people to engineering professions.

A team of 10 players virtually establishes the process of creating a three-dimensional film at which every player represents one step in the process chain.

The objective of the game is the production of a three-dimensional film, from the real object - the "Flummi"- to the cinemagoer. Time is running during the game and the ambition is beating the record. The game has been arranged with different topics for the last five years at the ZVEI booth "superstudium.de" at Hannover industry fair.

  • Conception and Consulting
  • Trade Fair Assistance
  • Design
Interaktives Messespiel Konzept - Wie kommt der 3D-Film ins Kino?
Interaktives Messespiel
Interaktives Messespiel Konzept - Wie kommt der 3D-Film ins Kino?
Interaktives Messespiel Konzept - Wie kommt das Eis an den Stiel
Interaktives Messespiel Konzept - Wie kommt das Spiel in die Konsole
Interaktives Messespiel Konzept - Wie kommt der Wind in den Tank
Interaktives Messespiel Konzept - Der Weg des Stroms

Cidadania I

The "Cidadania -- Organismus Darmstadt" project is implemented by the Staatstheater in cooperation with the department of architecture in Darmstadt, the academy of musical art, the Transit theatre, Fraunhofer IGD and further creative groups.

The closing event of the architectural summer 2008 attends to the pulsating city development: the history of Darmstadt in growth and change. Thereby, a technical innovation by Fraunhofer IGD and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences comes into operation: the augmented reality, an interactive form of projection.

Cidadania combines dance, theatre, architecture, live music with bands, artists and the audiences activity; because the seats are arranged in the middle of the stage and they are moving, they are part of the performance / the organism.

The event lets the curious Darmstadt citizen experience his city interactively and from different perspectives at the same time. Don a hat and act town planner for Darmstadt.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Technical support and Consulting
Cidadania - interaktive Schattenspiele
Cidadania - Augmented Reality View

Interactive History

On the area, where today the new "INI-GraphicsNet" building is situated, the Darmstadt municipal prison has been located from 1832 until 1970. A part of the old prison wall has been integrated into the new building and is visible from the foyer.

The CAPCom PanoScreen provides a virtual journey through time, so that a broad audience can experience an almost forgotten history.

Via five stops, the visitors explore the prison area on their own and get to know some of the prisoners. The visitors are accompanied by Franz Heger, the prison's architect, who knows a lot to tell about the history of the prison and the prisoners.

  • PanoScreen
  • Virtual Reality
3D-Visualisierung eines Gefängnisses
3D-Visualisierung eines Gefängnisses